Read This: an overview of contemporary arts in Lebanon

In March of 2017, IETM—international network for contemporary performing arts, Brussels—published “Contemporary Performing Arts in Lebanon: an overview” by Emmanuel Haddad, a sweeping look at the art making, and the politics of art making, in Lebanon. Haddad notes, “For the Lebanese establishment, culture, as the poet Nazem al-Sayed wrote in 2008, is just a more or less direct aspect of politics,” and delves into the complex navigation artists find themselves pursuing for both exposure and funding. Haddad covers the work of such artists as Dictaphone Group (co-founded by Tania El Khoury), Zoukak, and the influx of Syrian artists in exile. Haddad writes, “With the arrival of the first Syrian artists in exile fleeing the repression of Bachar el-Assad’s regime against the peaceful demonstrations spreading across the country, Lebanese artists opened their doors and their address books. By showing their solidarity with the Syrian artists relocated in Beirut, the Lebanese scene became richer and collaborations multiplied.”

Read the full article here, which can also be downloaded.